Friday, December 18, 2009


Why is it that, the very week you lose the use of your washer and dryer, is the very same week that:

a) You take a corner too fast in the minivan, (because you're running late -- again -- and have only 6 1/2 minutes to get from your youngest son's daycare, all the way across town to work) and spill your coffee all over your last clean pair of work pants.

b) Your 4-year-old gets so excited playing PBS kids on the computer that he forgets to pee until it's too late, resulting in a total saturation of shirt, pants, socks, and hubby's computer chair.

c) You try to pull the cork out of the open bottle of red wine your father-in-law insisted you take home with you after your last visit, and it won't come out. So, because you really, really, really want that glass of wine, you decide to use your teeth to pull it out. Of course, with one huge yank, the cork does come out, but the open bottle of wine jerks backwards, splashing your hair, your face, your shirt, your favorite pair of flannel Christmas pajamas, and your white socks with waves of dark red liquid.

d) Your hubby decides to use the good, white, washcloths to clean up the dirt and grime he found inside the faucet when he took it apart. Rags, honey? Remember the cleaning rags in the closet? I make them out of the disgusting, yellow-armpit-stained t-shirts you discard? Remember them? Huh?

e) Hubby (so often, it's the hubby, isn' it?) gives the boys a bath but leaves the bath rug on the floor, then lets our two rain-soaked dogs in from the back yard. Where do they decide to go with their huge muddy paws? To the nice, soft, clean, white bath mat, of course. (Now, in his defense, it's absolutely idiotic of us to even own anything white. I mean, really. White? What are we thinking?)

f) Chocolate milk. One 4-year old boy. His 5-year old brother. An argument. Need I say more?


Well, since I'm sitting here writing this in my red-wine soaked shirt and pajamas (why risk putting on something clean, afterall?), I may as well refill my glass, kick back on the couch, and exercise my remote-control thumb. Why not? The kids are in bed. The day is winding down. And, it's not like I can do laundry!



  1. Wow, you had a rough day and definitely deserved to kick back. Hope things are better today!

  2. Murphy (of Murphy's Law) would be proud.

  3. Yup. And your kitchen? Where are we that with that? hmm?

  4. It is classic that is for sure. Plus when there are no pants, now it is time to bust out hte skirts

  5. Okay, I totally shouldn't be laughing at this but I couldn't help myself when I got to C! Oh, man, Beth, that was classic. Just read your Christmas post so I know things have gotten better! Merry Christmas :)