Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Claus: A Mom's Best Friend!

There are many, many reasons I love this time of year. There are the twinkling Christmas lights. Eggnog (with a healthy dose of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum). Christmas cookies. Christmas carols. That lightness of spirit that seems to take over so many people and makes them just a little bit kinder, a little less selfish, and a little more optimistic (except on Black Friday, that is, when the opposite seems to be true.) There are fun times with family and friends. Exchanging laughter and gifts and hugs. Oh, so many reasons to love the season...

Then, there's the joy of saying these particular words: "Do you want Santa Claus to put you on the Naughty List? No? Then make a different choice, boys." Works like magic!

Ya gotta love Christmas!



  1. So true! I've been using the Santa threats since the start of the month! I'm hoping it doesn't wear off before Christmas actually gets here!

  2. are u kidding me? santa texts me and calls me = i am all over it

  3. Totally!

    I also tell my daughter that the "pay ladies" at the stores are his elves, and that's how he knows who's behaving. I also email him, and the Birthday Fairy!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not alone in using Santa in this way. That means I'm not the only one on the Naughty List!