Monday, December 26, 2011

For all the ladies, as we begin a new year...

As I sit here, the day after a wonderful Christmas, listening to all of the New Year’s commercials selling the message to all women that we need to lose weight or change our hair or invest a small fortune to hide all signs of aging (because, apparently, getting older is a BAD thing – I personally feel lucky for every minute I get!) or use products that will grow our wimpy eyelashes or grow our wimpy fingernails or get rid of our cellulite or hide our spider veins and then turn us into super women who can bring home the bacon, raise perfect children without ever resorting to putting them in front of the T.V. once in a while (where my kids are right now, as a matter of fact), make a nutritious, well-balanced dinner every night (not to mention breakfast and lunches) and be ready to leap enthusiastically into bed with our partners at a moment’s notice (without first needing a glass of wine or even a full night’s sleep)... I am reminded of all the wonderful women I have been lucky enough to know...
Women who occasionally feed their kids oatmeal for dinner, just ‘cuz they’re too dog-tired to whip up a balanced meal after working all day... Women who sometimes slip between the sheets at 8:30 pm, wearing comfy sweatpants, not silky lingerie, without (gasp!) washing off their make-up and applying wrinkle-reducing night cream first... Women who hang onto their clothes that are one size up, so they can be comfortable after a holiday spent indulging in every delicious food or drink they desire, rather than denying themselves and starving themselves to fit some advertiser’s definition of “beauty”...Women who are ballsy enough to say what’s on their mind and to stand up for what’s right, even if it’s not the most “feminine” thing to do...Women who have faced incredible challenges and losses in their lives with humor and chutzpah...Women who get up every day and get on with the business of living and working and caring for the people they love, even when they’d rather hide under the covers...Women who have made me laugh, made me cry, debated me, supported me, inspired me to appreciate my life with all of its hurdles and rewards, and women who care about me enough to always tell me when I have broccoli in my teeth.
Imperfectly perfect women!

Thanks for all the richness you have added to my life. You are beautiful, worthy, hilarious, stubborn, gifted, and unbelievably strong. Wishing you a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year!!! we come!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stop It...Santa Knows We're Being Naughty!!!

My kids are finally at the age where they remind EACH OTHER that Santa is watching. It's GREAT! We had a glorious Christmas Eve Day today, largely due to the fact that if either boy was starting to do anything even remotely "naughty", his brother would quickly remind him to knock it off. Maybe it helped that we tracked Santa's progress on NORAD all morning....Maybe it helped that Santa actually called this morning to let the boys know he'd be here later on tonight...Maybe it helped that Santa sent each boy a personal video email message...I dunno. Overkill you say? Maybe. But, let's just say that technology does come with a few advantages, and I had a wonderful, peaceful, joyful Christmas Eve Day. So, whatever works.

Hubby dearest had to work as usual, so the boys and I did laundry first, just to get it out of the way (I've never had such eager laundry helpers, let me tell ya), then began our day of fun. (We spent  yesterday afternoon buying last-minute groceries, picking out some toys for Toys for Tots, and letting each boy put some of his own money in the Salvation Army jar. Today, was devoted solely to fun. After the laundry, of course.) Anyway, then we Elfed-Ourselves, our cousins and our grandma and grandpy online, laughing hysterically the entire time. There is nothing funnier than watching my Dad break-dancing to "Jingle Bells", dressed in an elf outfit. If you haven't ever Elfed-Yourself, I highly recommend it. It's free, it's funny, and it's fabulous! Then, we started out a day of healthy eating (not!) with donuts and the candy I snuck in to a movie. Which movie? Well, we tried to go to "The Muppets", but we accidentally got pointed into the wrong theater and ended up watching "Alvin and The Chipmunks" instead. I have to say, that little Theodore chipmunk is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Not kidding. I wanted to take him home in my pocket. And, the movie had the right blend of adult humor and kid humor to keep us all highly entertained. We got home and baked cookies and, for the first time, meringues. Okay, have you ever baked meringues? It took me 35 minutes to get the batter to "form stiff peaks." 35 minutes! With a hand mixer, 'cuz I don't have the other kind. And, then, they take 2 hours to bake. If these little suckers don't come out tasting absolutely wonderful, I might have to have a mini-temper tantrum. Oh, better not...Santa's watching!

Now, we are settling in for our traditional Christmas Eve spaghetti feast. (Gotta carb-load for tomorrow's present-opening marathon, y'know.) Hubby dear just walked in the front door and is about to pour us a glass of something red and delicious. But, before I go, I have to document the wonderfully creative and unique letters my little boys wrote to Santa, yesterday. (They just couldn't wait until today.) All spelling and puntuation is exactly as written by the boys...

Spencer's letter:

To: Santa
From: Spencer
Marry Christmas! open me!

PLEASE Tell me How you Get into my House with out a chimny on it?

thanks!  marry Ho! Ho!

Foster's letter:

to SAntA
from Foster

to SAntA from Fostee
I hope you heve a good ChristMas. And lots uv good cookys. And milc. you are a good raper. (Translation:  "wrapper")

Happy holidays to you all. And, here's wishing us all a peaceful, healthy, and more prosperous new year.