Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, this should all make Christmas dinner much more interesting...

Kitchen update: (For anyone who cares -- Kami, this means you, and thank you for asking, dear blogging friend -- and for the future, when my sweetie and I will look back on this particularly chaotic Christmas holiday and chuckle at the memory...Doesn't seem possible right now, but I'm sure the day is coming...)

OK, here's the summary:

Mold and water damage? Still there. Waiting. Lurking. Seemingly getting worse and worse every time I look at it. Oh, and did I mention we found another spot by the back door? Merry Christmas to us! This is truly the gift that just keeps on giving...

Washer and dryer? Still temporarily living in our bedroom. It's really adding to a sexy atmosphere, let me tell you. And, of course, they are no use at all, because we don't have the right outlet or a washer hook-up in our bedroom. Not something you ever think you're going to need right next to your bed, eh?

Stove? Right next to the washer and dryer. We've been eating peanut butter and jelly, cheerios, Top Ramen, hot dogs, and other microwaveable crap for a week-and-a-half. And, man, those cheap TV dinners haven't gotten any better since I was a single gal living in New York City. Blech! Oh, and did I mention that we're still supposed to be putting on some sort of Christmas dinner for my folks and the in-laws? Hmmmm....

Refrigerator and dining room table? Snuggled up next to our couches and Christmas tree in our itty bitty little living room. A nice, tight fit. Just more opportunity for family bonding, right?

Homeowner's Insurance People? Calling tomorrow to set up an appointment to assess the problem. We decided this was too much for our limited skill set. Ripping out another wall? We could do that. Ripping out an entire bathtub and shower to get at the leak, fixing the leak, and then somehow repairing the subfloor and all the rest of the damaged wood? A bit much, even for two intrepidly optimistic and fearless homeowners like us.

Bank account? Pitiful. College fund? What college fund? The boys can get scholarships and student loans like we did, right? As for retirement? Who needs it? We'd probably just be bored out of our minds. We'll just work until we die. In this house.

The good news? My parents (bless their hearts) decided to stay in a motel while they're visiting for the holiday. I would never have asked them to do it, but, I have to admit that I am seriously relieved. It'll be so much easier, and we don't have to try to find an alternate location for all the stuff that's stacked in the guest room right now OR borrow our neighbor's washer and dryer to do the sheets and towels. Also, they get a continental breakfast at their motel, so that's one meal per day I don't have to worry about. (Maybe they can snag us some extra fruit and pastries...) Anyway, thanks, Mom and Dad, for understanding so well what I needed, but would never ask for, myself. I love you!

The plan? Get as much new plywood down as possible, avoiding the water damaged areas, so we can at least move the kitchen table back in, and maybe get the stove back in as well. I have to face that we'll be without a washer and dryer until the water damage can be taken care of, but I have lovely friends who have offered to let me come over with my dirty laundry. And, it's not like I'm a stranger to the laundromat....I've just never done it with two little terrors (I mean "sweeties") in tow, y'know? Could be disastrous. Who am I kidding? It will be disastrous. I know my boys...

So, there you have it. The chaos continues... But, someday, some wonderful, joyous, beautiful day in the future, I will have a pretty little kitchen, with a nice, new floor. And, as a good friend pointed out to me in her usual, no-nonsense, "things could always be worse" style, at least we found the water damage when we did. The way our luck's been going the last couple of years, I'm surprised the washer and dryer didn't just crash right through the floor into our crawl space. So, it's all for the best.

Happy holidays, everyone. Here's wishing you a healthy family, good times with loved ones, and freedom from water damage, mold, and other household disasters! Cheers!


  1. "As for retirement? Who needs it? We'd probably just be bored out of our minds. We'll just work until we die. In this house." LOVE IT! Keep your eye on the prize, Beth. The process may be slow-going, but in the scheme of things, it's of little import. It will be lovely when this is all over. And though is totally sucks right now, take heart in the fact that by addressing the mold and water damage you will be preventing your family from contracting some horrible mold-related illness in the future. It's the little things, right?

    Have a terrific holiday! I'll be thinking of you and I truly can't wait to hear how it goes! (I'm laughing at you, right now. Not with you...) xxoo

  2. Thanks a lot, Kami. I'm feeling the love!