Saturday, August 15, 2009


So, a few minutes ago, I got back from a rare coffee escape with a friend, and my littlest guy (age 4) was bursting to tell me something he "discovered" while I was gone. He could hardly contain himself, he was so excited. As it turns out, during the hour I was away trying to recapture my sanity, Foster and Daddy were playing around with our alphabet refrigerator magnets, and Fos discovered (with Daddy's help) that if you turn the word "WOW" upside down, it spells "MOM". This was apparently an earth-shattering discovery worthy of dancing up and down, flapping hands with excitement, and squealing with glee. And, y'know, when I really thought about it, with all we mothers do to nurture, stimulate, educate, entertain, and love our kids, it's actually pretty darn cool that "MOM"="WOW" and "WOW"="MOM." That's as it should be. We rock, ladies. We rock. Cheers!

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