Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey, Mommy, I can see that lady's underwear!

I think yesterday must've been "National Show-Your-Butt-Crack Day." Seriously. My husband, children, and I were subjected to more buttock cleavage in one trip to Costco than I typically run into in an entire semester of counseling in a middle school. (And that's saying a lot, people. Trust me on that one... ) First, there was the 20-something woman sitting at a lunch table right behind my husband, wearing low-rider jeans, with her entire pink Joe Boxer thong visible to the world (and to my youngest son, who was absolutely fascinated by the spectacle). Then, two tables over, there was the well-rounded, 50-something woman, perched on the very edge of her seat with, literally, three-fourths of her ample rear end displayed for all in line at the registers to see, resulting in my older son making the comment that became the title of this post. But, that's not all, folks. Cruising through the store, making sure to hit all the yummy free samples to supplement our lunch, we were subjected to the sight of a middle-aged, portly gentleman bending over the CD/DVD table, his pants just-not-quite-covering his posterior. This was followed by the hand-in-hand teenagers walking in front of us. Her: Sweat pants pulled down extra low, so her underwear (clearly chosen for a certain effect) was pointedly displayed. Him: The same. Nice boxers, dude. Hope you don't have to run anywhere with the crotch of your jeans down at your knees like that. Yeah, good luck if the store catches on fire. It really was one giant butt-fest shopping trip for our little family. And, hey, it's not like anybody who knows me would ever describe me as "easily-offended" or "prim and proper". I just think that people's underwear, and the body parts it covers, should generally be displayed privately, and only with a select, well-chosen few. And, I really don't think my little boys, barely turned 4 and 5, need to be seeing strange, naked butt cheeks in the store, when all we're trying to do is buy some milk and potstickers, y'know? Still, it was kind've good for a giggle. Ahhhhh, life...Cheers!

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  1. ew i hate when people's thongs show. so disgusting!!!