Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I waaaant myyyyyy Mommmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

No, that isn't the cry of one of my little darlings. It's me. I'm sick. I feel absolutely crappy. I woke up with a fever and a sore throat and body aches and glands the size of ping-pong balls. So, I lay in bed at 6:00am kinda hoping that my boys would wake up sick as well, so that we could all just lie around watching Disney movies all day and drinking apple juice. Does that make me a bad Mommy? I mean, seriously, hoping your kids will feel as lousy as you do? There's gotta be something wrong with me! The thing is, when my boys are both healthy, and I'm sick, it's just one giant train wreck trying to keep them entertained, exercised, and fed for an entire day by myself. Especially since my focus is all out-of-whack when I don't feel good. (Today, I put a gallon of milk in the cupboard with the pasta and put an empty pot in the refrigerator. Oh, and I also left the back gate open and both dogs escaped into the neighborhood. I didn't even know they were gone until my neighbor showed up with one dog and told me the other one had just run off around the corner, and I had to go find him in my pajamas, because I didn't have the energy to put real clothes on myself or my boys today. SIGH.) And, unlike many of my friends whose mothers or mothers-in-law are available at a moment's notice to come and take over when Mommy isn't feeling good, my own Mom lives too far away to do anything other than offer sympathy on the telephone and say, "Oh, honey, I WISH I could be there to help you." Me too, Mom. Love you. Wish you were here to tuck me in and bring me tea and say, "Now boys, leave your Mommy alone, so she can get some sleep." So, when I'm ill, I just kind've go through the motions and somehow manage to make it to the end of the day, get my little guys down for the night, and collapse on my bed. Fully clothed. With my contacts still in. Ouch. Anyway, I lay in bed this morning, feeling clammy and crummy, waiting for my guys to awaken. And, at 6:15am, I found out exactly what I would be dealing with today. Not two sick little boys. Not two healthy little boys. One of each. Absolute worst case scenario. One boy with enough energy to power a small town. One boy feeling so yucky that all he wanted to do was cling to me in his feverish delirium and have every single itty bitty need taken care of by Mommy. Oh, and he also didn't want his healthy brother touching him, smiling at him, "making big eyes" at him, laughing anywhere near him, playing anywhere near him, or pretty much existing in his universe. He just wanted me. And all I wanted was my bed. But all three of us made it through the day, somehow. Both boys are snoozing away in their bunk beds. The dogs are safely back home and snoozing on the living room floor. My dear hubby just walked in from work with a movie (which I fully intend to sleep through), AND he's off work for the next 2 days, so I can get a Mommy respite and hopefully ditch this lousy bug. That is, unless my husband and other son get the bug too. Then, no matter how sick I may be, I will be taking care of THREE boys, all by myself. I waaaaaaaant myyyyyyyyy Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy.... Cheers!


  1. I hope you are feeling better. I think one of the toughest things I've done in life is take care of two toddlers while feeling like I'm on my deathbed.

    Sorry to do this in a comment, but I couldn't find a place to email you: I'm Tesa from the formerly named Two Little Monkeys and Me. I changed the name of the blog to Two Toddlers and Me and just wanted you to know in case you wanted to continue to follow. The url is

  2. Thanks, Sarah and Tesa. Your support is much appreciated. And, thanks for the heads-up on the blog change, Tesa!