Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why isn't "menopause" called "womenopause"?

Today I was thinking that it's pretty odd that something that is clearly a significant female issue has such a masculine title -- "menopause." Shouldn't it be "womenopause"? I mean, it has nothing whatsoever to do with men. A man doesn't suddenly find himself boiling hot and dripping sweat in the middle of a staff meeting (unless there's noticeable female cleavage in the room, that is), or having a tears-running-down-the-face, snot-streaming-from-the-nose, chest-hitching, giant ugly sobfest in the middle of the grocery store aisle because he is already in line and forgot to pick up the Hamburger Helper for dinner, or having a sex drive that's red hot one minute and completely, totally, irretrievably vanishes the next, or dealing with night after night after night of not being able to stay asleep, even after two Benadryls and half a bottle of Boon-A-Roo Merlot! Now, supposedly, there's something known as "Male Menopause." I'm just not buying it. Sounds to me like something men invented, so we'd feel sorry for them and cut them some slack. Sorry, guys. We have to deal with breasts, periods, (for that matter, shouldn't it be "womenstruation" as well?), pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, on top of constant media messages about needing to be thin, wrinkle-free, sexual maniacs, who can bring in a paycheck, whip up a gourmet meal, raise the kids, clean the house, and still give our man a backrub at the end of the day. We don't feel sorry for you. Not. Gonna. Happen. Ever.

I asked my husband this question today, and he has a male perspective on the issue. He says that the term "menopause" has to have been invented by men to "warn" other men about insane hormonal women. Men, watch out! Pause, before you do or say anything that might set off the crazy, unpredictable, hormonal, She-Devil walking this way. Could be. Sounds like something a man would do...

A final note: While I am in favor of changing "menopause" to "womenopause", and "menstruation" to "womenstruation", I am NOT in favor of changing "mental breakdown" to "womental breakdown." Why? Because, let's face it, most of the breakdowns we have are directly related to the men in our lives. They can keep that one!

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