Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Toast!

I was lucky enough to spend the last day in the company of some of the most amazingly strong, competent, intelligent, creative, sassy ladies I know. On the drive back, I just kept thinking about how fortunate I am to know these women, and others like them. So, I vowed to write a toast to them when I returned home. However, after being away from my husband and sons for almost 24 hours, the reality was that I first had to reverse the damage done by the tornado that apparently blew threw my house during my time away, leaving clothes, toys, couch pillows, dirty dishes, grass, sticks and rocks (???), blankets, and shoes strewn all over the place. Those damn tornadoes -- How is it that they always blow through when I'm on one of my exceedingly rare trips away from the house? It's a mystery!

But, I digress.....So now, a toast!

To women, near and far away
Who wake and bravely meet each day
Of challenges -- Small and immense
With courage, humor, common sense.
Too many bills, a lousy boss,
Aging parents, grievous loss,
Marriage struggles, cellulite,
Teaching children wrong from right,
Menstruation, menopause,
Pressure to fix all the "flaws",
Relationships fragile as glass,
Kicking cancer in the ass!
Here's to every one of you,
For all you are, for all you do.

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