Friday, February 17, 2012

Marriage Equality in MY STATE!! Woo hoo!!!

I'm so excited to live in a state where it's now legal for EVERYBODY of legal age to get married! It's about damn time!!! Of course, it was just signed into law, and there will be a huge effort to overturn it by people who are apparently so insecure in their own belief systems and fragile unions that they find a loving marriage between two committed gay people somehow threatening or undermining...BUT, I am optimistic that the people in my state are far too accepting, progressive, compassionate, and yes, even logical (there is, afterall, a huge financial boon to the state economy that comes along with supporting marriage equality as well) to allow any sort of repeal of this wonderful, long-overdue legislation to occur.

I suddenly feel very proud to be a Washingtonian! (Now, if we can just get the legislature to fully fund education in our state, we'd really be off and running...)

Congratulations to all of the beautiful couples who are now planning to wed openly, in their home state, surrounded by the people who love them and secure in the knowledge that their marriage is finally considered legitimate in the eyes of the law, as it has always been in their hearts and in the hearts of open-minded and loving people everywhere.


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