Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a GAS!

OK, I admit it...

I'm a little embarrassed about it, though...

I'm having a hard time actually typing the words...

Here goes...

Whoopee Cushions are hilarious! Seriously. Hilarious.

I had no idea just how hilarious Whoopee Cushions can be, until my boys each received one as a birthday gift from their wonderful surrogate grandparents this morning. (We love you, Laureta and Joe!) They'd never seen one before, so I explained the concept, all while mentally cringing inside at what this gift was about to unleash in my living room.

As it turns was side-splittingly funny watching my little boys blowing up the Whoopee Cushions, finding all sorts of creative ways to sit on them (over the pillow, under the pillow, on the ottoman, on the couch, on the floor, the flying leap-sit, the slow-motion rolling sit, etc., etc...) and then laughing hysterically each time they heard the gaseous result.

So,  I had to take a break from deck demolition (Sigh. A topic for another time...) to document the addition of Whoopee Cushions into our lives. And, I sign off now, as the music of loud farting floats through my house, accompanied by the giggles and guffaws of two little boys, who are in Whoopee Cushion Heaven.



  1. Too funny, my son got one for christmas and I have never heard him laugh so hard...I love those little kid laughs so much! At first it was really funny then I started to question should we be encouraging farting then my hubby looks at me and says "he is a boy farts are funny, they will always be funny, I am 33 and they are still funny. Best to accept it now" so I have adopted that attitude and still enjoy a bit of whoppie Cushion action again. I may just go dig it out of the toy box and hide it right now!

  2. Yup, my two boys always think it's funny. We had a 16 fart salute on New Year's at my cousin's house one year. Not sure if it was the cocktails of the sheer numbers that made it so funny. You should video it and submit to one of the funniest videos, maybe you'll win lots and lots of money! Ellen

  3. Disclaimer: A week later, I have to add that I am now SICK of the Whoopie Cushions. Isn't that the way it goes? Cheers!