Monday, November 22, 2010

Man, I really hope karma is real!

Spoiler alert: This is just going to be a total rant about the jerks of the world. That's it. Nothing to do with being a working Mom, or the perils of raising two little boys, or the endless challenges of marriage and life and such....Nope. None of that. Just a full-on vent about a--holes. Why? I'll tell you why. Because sometimes you just. can't. take it. anymore.
When people say, "Don't worry. That guy is a total jerk, but Karma's a bitch. Just you wait. He'll get his due someday! You reap what you sow." -- Is that really true? Or, could it be that we just say that to ourselves, so we'll feel better about watching so many butt-heads walking all over other people and then getting rewarded for it?

Does the guy who sees you (I'm talking, actual eye contact here) waiting for a spot in an icy parking lot, with your signal flashing and your little boys in the back, and then chooses to cut in front of you and whip his truck into the spot really get what's coming to him? Please say yes! C'mon, just say it to make me feel better. Does he get a flat tire on the way home? Does a rock hit his windshield and shatter it into a million pieces?

How about the people who let their yappy dogs outside at 6am every Saturday and Sunday morning and then let them bark and bark and bark, waking up the whole neighbrhood and not caring about how many exhausted, hardworking people are being woken up by their obnoxious pack of hounds? Where is the karmic justice there? Do they start growing thick, black hair in places hair shouldn't grow, perhaps?

Or, how about the people who get everyone else to do all the hard work, and then spend all the free time that creates kissing up to the bigshots, so that they're out in front for promotions and recognition, even though they seldom actually do any work? Do they wind up with scabies or chronic, painful gas or something like that, just to bring balance back to the universe?

And, what about the "mean girls" who grow up to be "mean women"? Do they gain a hundred pounds and find themselves married to lazy, good-for-nothing partners, who make them feel as bad about themselves as their own victims have felt after being tormented and bullied by them?

What about the people we see on the news (or sometimes in our own neighborhoods) committing fraud? The ones who say they're too disabled to work and then get the government to fund their house projects or luxurious vacations? Are they stricken with intense insomnia, because they are racked with guilt during their trips all over the world, knowing that it's being funded by money that could be offered to someone who is, say, stricken with cancer or genuinely too disabled to work?

SOMEBODY TELL ME KARMA IS REAL!!! Of course, if it is, I'm about to get some kind of smack-down from the universe for writing this long, negative rant. Oops...



  1. I'm not sure I believe in Karma. I do believe in a-holes though. It's hard to be a nice person these days. (Did I just say that out loud? I better check my thyroid...)