Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ya gotta love teenagers!

Today's back-handed compliment, delivered by one of my 7th grade students:

"Hey, Mrs.B! You have really cool blue eyes. Except for all the red veins."

Thanks, kid. Thanks a lot.



  1. That is great, got to love them. I teach at a high school and the best was two months ago (while almost 7 months pregnant) one of my male students when talking about maternity leave looks at me and goes "Your pregnant Miss" I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "What the hell, did you think I was just getting fatter by the second!!"

  2. They have a way of building you up and tearing you down all in one sentence, don't they?

  3. Love it! My teen said to me the other day "hey, ma, you look really skinny, today, but can you move I'm trying to watch tv?!"

  4. Momma Hunt -- When I was pregnant, one of my sixth graders said, "Hey, I can even tell you're pregnant from the back!" Gulp. Tater Tot Mom & Amethyst Moon -- Yes, indeed. They're great at making you feel good about yourself for, like, one second, before they say something that just completely undoes the compliment. Cheers!