Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whose voice is that?

We are now 6 days post-adenoidectomy/tonsilectomy. It's been a week of total hell! And, after being trapped in the house with a thoroughly miserable 4-year old and his frustrated 5-year old brother for the past 6 days, without one full night's sleep, I am so fuzzy-brained and starved for adult companionship and intelligent conversation, that I think my head is literally in danger of sponteneously combusting. Seriously. Watch for it on the news...

But, why this title? Well, his whole life, Foster has been stuffed up. He was basically born with giant adenoids, so he's always been a loud, snarkly mouth breather. (That's the term hubby and I gave to his breathing when we brought him home from the hospital  -- "snarkly" just sums it up perfectly.) And, ever since he started babbling away as a toddler, he's had this really cute, nasal little voice. But, over the last two days, the swelling from his surgery has gone down, and, without those enormous adenoids blocking his nasal passages, he now has a completely different voice. I'm not joking. Completely. Different. He sounds nothing like he used to. I would literally not recognize my own child's voice in a crowd of kids right now. It's disconcerting. I look at the little face I love so much and know so well, then he opens up his mouth and some strange little kid's voice comes out.

Who knew?

Parenthood is so weird...



  1. That is crazy. Just think of how much better off he is now. I am sure you are going through hell...but at least it will all be worth it. Better to do this surgery now than when he is older. I think that adults are worse patients that children.

  2. I guess the good news is that his voice sounds different because the swelling has gone that means healing! Yay! Hope this is soon just a distant memory for all of you!

  3. I had this done when I was five and I still remember the Mickey Mouse phone I got to use to call home and the giant refrigerator full of popsicles...I mean it was a walk in. Hope everything continues to go well!

    My hubby is a mouth breather too and I was just telling him the other day that maybe it was his adenoids....maybe there's a surgery in his future too! I never even thought about a voice change though. Maybe it will be like being married to a new man!

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies. Tater Tot Mom, trust me when I say that it is seriously weird to have a strange voice come out of the mouth of your loved one. But, maybe it would ignite a new spark in the relationship, eh? The good news is that Fos finally ate a real meal last night, and he just asked me to make him pancakes. So, I think we're on the mend...Cheers!