Friday, November 25, 2011

Old wounds...

Last Christmas morning, my beloved little dog, Cosmo, suddenly and tragically died. It was an awful Christmas, and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I miss his fuzzy little presence, but I've adjusted to life without him over the last year. I've been doing just fine. Until today, when I opened up the bins of Christmas decorations to begin my annual day-after-Thanksgiving decorating bonanza. Foster was "helping" me. Translation: taking everything out of the bins in no particular order, and tossing them around the room, creating total chaos and confusion. After a while, he came to the bin that had our family's Christmas stockings.

"Here's Daddy's stocking!"

 "Here's Spencer's!"

"Ooooh, here's MINE! And, yours too, Mommy."

"Here's Lucy's stocking!"

"Oh, here's Cosmo's stocking, Mommy. Where are we going to hang it?"

Next thing I knew, I was bawling my eyes out...
It's amazing how quickly old wounds can re-open, isn't it? And I've been crying off and on all day long.

By the way...I hung Cosmo's stocking right next to his picture.

I wish he was here.

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