Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Parenthood is just one giant adventure. Unexpected events happen constantly, from bus disasters to more bus disasters to stuffed animal catastrophes...just one big surprise after another...after another...after another. Guess what? We had another one last night. Lucky us!

The phone rang about 7:30pm. Hubby was doing something on the computer (of course!), Foster was running around in his pj's looking for leprechauns, Spence was in the tub, and I was attempting to lie down for a few minutes before storytime. I heard a deep voice on the answering machine, and I suddenly realized it was the principal from the boys' school. Calling at 7:30 at night. There's just no way a nighttime phone call from your kids' principal can be good!

I yelled for John to answer the phone, and then flew down the hallway, so that I could hover near him, listening to his side of the conversation and anxiously trying to piece together what was happening. I couldn't tell which kid it was about, but I heard things like "On the bus?!!", "Last Thursday?", "No, he didn't say anything to us about it.", "Oh yes, definitely inappropriate.", "Yes, he knows that private parts are private.", "Was the parent upset?"


As it turns out, yesterday afternoon, a parent called the principal to tell him that her child had seen some first graders showing eachother "their butts" on the school bus the week before. Her kid identified a first grade girl (the very same girl Spencer recently identified as his - gulp - girlfriend"). Of course, the alarmed parent immediately called the principal, worried that there was some sort of hanky panky going on. He interviewed the girl and found out that she had two accomplices....Spencer and his best friend. When he pulled Spence in to his office, Spencer was very upfront and honest about his participation. (The principal said he was having a hard time keeping a straight face, because Spence was so serious and apologetic.) Apparently, all three kids decided to check out each other's parts, even though they knew they weren't supposed to. As if that wasn't bad enough, for some inexplicable reason, they thought that the school bus ride home was a good time and place to do it. And, according to both boys, the whole thing was the girl's idea! Wow. I hope her parents are ready...

Needless to say, we had another long conversation with both of our boys last night...Very serious. With no giggling on the part of the grownups (at least not until the boys were asleep, that is).

Another one for the memory books...



  1. Oh goodness! It must be Spring Fever!

    Last week my 5th grade son was soo sad for his buddy. It seems that a group of girls have been giving the boys a run for their money. In retaliation, there were some inappropriate comments made. The girls immediately reported to the comments to the principal.

    My boy said, "Those girls are evil. My friend did nothing wrong. OK, Mom, I'm not going to lie. Maybe, sometimes, 5th grade boys tell penis jokes. But even 4th grade boys do it. Yesterday a little kid in the 4th grade told me this penis joke; "Your momma is so fat that when she sits on the toilet, the toilet sings, "A B C D E F G, get your fat ass off of me!""

    When I told my husband and the teacher this, all they could say was, "Where is the penis in that joke?"

    I just love your reaction!! Girlfriend, you have the very best attitude!!

  2. OMG I am laughing at my desk right now!! God help me if I have to have this conversation. I couldn't do it with a straight face! Ever!

  3. Hey ladies. Glad I could give you a giggle. Denise, your son's non-penis joke story was hilarious! Spring Fever, indeed. Momma Hunt, brace yourself, 'cuz those conversations are coming. Cheers!

  4. Boys. My five year old cannot leave his poor penis alone. It's driving me nuts. But he totally promises he "doesn't go near it at school." oy.

  5. I hope he's right, Kami. Or you might be dealing with the same kind of phone call I had to deal with...:)