Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometimes you just need life to smack you in the head to get your priorities straight.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Organizing an orientation for 200 new 6th grade students. Nightmare. Figuring out how to help keep things running smoothly with a new principal, new assistant principal, new head secretary, new PTSA, and multiple other new staff members, all while trying not to lose my mind and be a fully-functioning and capable school counselor for the students, parents, and staff with whom I work. Not a nightmare, but pretty damn crazy. Oh, and then there's not knowing if my position is going to become full-time (please, please, please....) when my partner counselor goes on leave in two weeks to have fun, expensive adventures that I will probably never be able to have myself. That means paying for daycare we can't afford and don't even need at the moment, because we have to reserve the spots in case I get to go full time. But no one in charge will make up their mind and tell me what the bleep is going on!!! Oh, and did I mention that my little Foster is about to start kindergarten, and my little Spencer has just become a first-grader, going to school all day for the very first time? Probably goes without saying, but I'm a bit of a wreck...

So, it's Friday night, I'm shaking off the week's craziness with a big ol' glass of cabernet, while my boys watch a Tom and Jerry movie in their pj's and stay up past their bedtimes. (They are SO stoked right now!)
Frankly, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when I logged on to do a little writing tonight. Whining in my head about how hard things are right now, how life's not fair, blah, blah, blahdee blah, blah... Just throwing a big old pity party for ME. I was all ready to bitch and moan about every little thing that's been on my mind from work drama to chronic insomnia to the insanity that has become our United States political system. Verbal diarrhea to rid myself of all the crap in my head, y'know? My own little version of self-directed therapy.

And then...

...I read a blog entry, written by this amazing woman named Kami, and it was a big, fat reminder of just how lucky I am and just how good I have it. Her best friend just lost the love of her life in a horrible accident. Kami wrote eloquently about being in the hospital, hearing the doctor's comments, waiting to see if he'd make it through the night, consoling her friend and feeling helpless to do anything substantial to take away her  pain. I can only imagine the agony these women are experiencing right now.

It was moving, heartbreaking, so completely senseless and tragic.

And, it was a great reminder that life is precious and short and can be taken away in a heartbeat. That you have to let the crap run off your back. That it's OK to whine for just a little while, and then you have to tell yourself to suck it up and to focus on the joy and love and moments of happiness that occur all around you, every single day of your life. That you have to choose to brush off the ugliness and to appreciate the beauty that is in your world.

I am so lucky. I have beautiful, healthy, imaginative, wonderful, feisty little boys. I have a husband who loves me and is my very best friend. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a warm, nurturing little home. I have a job that fulfills me and challenges me and that I take such pride in doing well. My world is filled with love and laughter and music. And, I need to appreciate every precious second of it.

I love my life.



  1. Oh, Beth. What a lovely response to a painful moment in time. I'm feeling exactly the same way...I'm very in love with my husband and boys and relishing every minute with them these days. Thank you.

  2. It's such a joy to come here and read your blog, Beth. You are always so positive and cheerful, it really brings a smile to my face.