Sunday, August 1, 2010

FOSTER: Five and Fabulous!

For Foster, who turned 5 years old just a few days ago. I hope you'll look back on this, when you're a lot older, and get a kick out of reading about yourself when you were just a little guy:

F is for "feisty." Actually, "feisty" doesn't even begin to describe you, sweetie. You are full of energy, creativity, and mischievousnous. (I'm not sure that's a real word, but it should be!) You live to make other people laugh, and you'll do ANYTHING (much to the dismay of your preschool teachers) for that giggle. You are also fond of saying things like, "You're not the boss of me!" and "You can't tell me what to do!", even when the people you're saying these things to actually are in charge, or are kids twice your size who are attempting to control you in some way. This doesn't always go over so well, in either case. Needless to say, kindergarten is going to be a really interesting experience...I'm crossing my fingers, and I will have your back!

O is for "optimistic." Here's where you really take after me -- You almost always see the bright side of things. Like me, you can have a good, juicy meltdown now and then, but you're also quick to laugh, quick to rally when things aren't going so well, and quick to cheer everybody else up with some sort of crazy face, voice, picture, or dance move.

S is for "singer." You love to sing. You remember the words to almost every song you hear. And, if you don't remember, you are really good at making up lyrics that fit anyway. You also make up your own songs, on the spot, and they're always hilarious and rhyme perfectly. You have a sweet voice, great pitch, and awesome rhythm. A natural musician, that's for sure.

T is for "tough." You are one tough little cookie. Half the time, the only way I know you're hurt is to follow the blood trail...You're always covered with scratches, bruises, and bumps, and you love, love, love to put on bandaids. (You also love to keep taking them off to see how quickly your owies are healing. As a result, I am constantly buying new boxes of bandaids!) But, you seldom actually cry when you get hurt, and you bounce right up, saying "Don't worry, I'm OK!" after falls and accidents that would leave other 5-year olds lying in sobbing puddles on the floor.

E is for "empathetic." While you are often the one who causes mischief and mayhem, you're also the first one to give hugs, snuggles, and back rubs if someone is hurt or sad. You often make me cards or pictures after you've been in time out, just to say you're sorry. And, on those days when I'm a little down, you do everything you can to give me extra loving and to cheer me up. If your brother is hurt, you rush to him and give him hugs (even when he's pushing you away). You also have a soft heart when it comes to animals. If you see an animal that looks hurt or alone, you want to make sure it's all right. You are best friends with our dog, Lucy, even though you often pull her tail or play too roughly with her. But, she thinks of you as her puppy, and you are most definitely her favorite person in the house. And, you usually run to say goodnight to both of our dogs before you go to sleep. You do it in the most gentle, sweet way. Even our grouchy old Cosmo wags his tail when you rub his neck and tell him that you love him and that you'll see him in the morning. You have a really good heart and a tender nature, and I hope you always will.

R is for "rowdy." Wow, kiddo. When you are wound up, it's like a hurricane is sweeping through here. Wait, more like a tornado combined with an earthquake, sweeping everything up into your path and whirling around the house, the front yard, the back yard...all while talking, yelling, singing, or laughing at full volume! It's pretty hilarious, except when it's happening at 6am, and I'm trying desperately to catch just a few more minutes of sleep. (Yeah, right!)

I love you, sweetie. So much. I am so proud and excited and happy to be your Mommy. You definitely keep me on my toes, challenge me, frustrate me, and drive me crazy sometimes. But, you also warm my heart, crack me up, constantly surprise me with your intelligence and thoughtfulness and creativity, and give me all the hugs and kisses I could ever want. Plus, you're the best kitchen floor dance partner a girl could ever ask for! (Favorite dancing-in-the-kitchen-with-Mommy-songs:  "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar and "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" by the Black Eyed Peas. Favorite dancing-in-the-kitchen-with-Mommy-outfit: Curly wig with a purple and white "Cat in the Hat" hat perched on top, a scarf, and bear feet slippers. Very cool!)

Happy 5th Birthday, my amazing little guy! I can't wait to see what this year will bring...

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