Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who needs "bling" when you've got string?

I have friends who have daughters....sweet, clean, relatively quiet daughters...who make their Mommies "love gifts" of necklaces and bracelets out of hand-picked colored beads....jewelry they actually resembles jewelry, you know? Jewelry that they can wear to work and show off to their friends as they beam with pride and love...

Yesterday, my little boys, feeling full of love and appreciation (an extremely RARE feeling, that last one), decided to make me necklaces "Cuz you have a cast on your leg, Mommy, and 'cuz you made us macaroni and cheese." (If only it was this easy to please everybody, eh?)

So, they asked me to leave the kitchen, and I promised not to "peek."

Here's what happened next:

"Shhhhhh.....Don't look, Mommy!" Giggle, giggle.

Sound of drawers opening and closing, as I crossed my fingers and hoped nothing was being broken.

Loud giggling. "Give me the scissors!" (Scissors?!!!)

Sound of scissors crashing to the ground. More giggling and whispering.

"Um....Are you guys OK out there? Are you being safe?"

"Oh yeah, Mommy." Louder giggling. "You're gonna LOVE this!"

"Mommmyyyy....Where are the rubber bands?"

"Behind the balloon bag in the junk drawer." (Oh, boy!)

More giggling...more crashing sounds....and then....

"OK, Mommy. You can look!"

"Come ON, Mommy. Come see what we made!"

So, I grabbed my crutches and walked into the kitchen to view their masterpieces...

Spence put "A REAL JEWEL, MOMMY!" (translation: a marble he found in the junk drawer) to personalize his necklace. Fos used a rubberband, "'Cuz you like colors, Mommy."

I wore them all morning.

I love my boys.



  1. They might not be fancy but you can hold on to these and treasure them when those of us with girls have to have "the talk" with ours and think how luck you are to have boys!

  2. Allllright! As a mom of 2.5 year and 2.5 month old boys, I am excited to see that in just a couple of years they might show a little appreciation here and there! I get plenty of love, but we all (read: all moms) know that appreciation is that special and as you said, RARE, thing that we seek. The Holy Grail of Motherhood, if you will.
    Those necklaces are gorgeous! You've got cool kids! :-)

  3. Momma Hunt....as a middle school counselor, don't worry -- I know what you've got coming with a little girl, and I cherish the fact that I have boys. RealMommyChron -- Thanks for swinging by. Hang in there, because you WILL get those moments of appreciation. I know it doesn't feel like that right now. Cheers!

  4. I love these necklaces. They are right from the heart! Hope you're holding it together, babe.

  5. I LOVE them. Very creative. These need to be kept in the momento box. :)