Friday, March 19, 2010

Not my most shining moment as a Mom...

This has not exactly been my best day as a mother. Not by a long shot...

This morning, hubby was actually available to take my little guy, Foster, to pre-school. So, I was giving him hugs and kisses in the back seat of Daddy's truck. It came time to close the door, so I said, "Fos, get your hands inside." (You can see where this is going, right?) He pulled in his hands, so I slammed shut the door. Unfortunately, my cutie pie had chosen that exact moment to blow me a kiss, so his fingers got smushed when the door slammed shut. Worse yet, I didn't even know. I just kept on walking back up to the porch, happy as a clam. Suddenly, hubby jumps out of the truck and runs around to Foster's side, flings open the door, and that's when I finally hear the screams of pain. Oh, the guilt. Oh, the shame. My poor little guy looks up at me with his big, blue eyes, tears coursing down his cheeks, and says, "Why did you slam my fingers in the door, Mommy? Why did you do that?" Gulp.

That was just the first Mommy mistake of the day...

This afternoon, my big guy, Spencer, was invited to a playdate at a buddy's house. "Bring his bike!" says the other mom. So, I dutifully brought the bike around to the back of the van to load it up. But, the van was locked. (I have a feeling you know where this is going too, eh?) I ran back inside to get the keys, loaded Spence, his bike helmet, his groovy biking gloves, and his 3 favorite stuffed animals into the car. Then, I proceeded to back out of the driveway right over the top of the bike. Oh, yeah. Smashed to hell. I didn't even know a bike wheel could look like that. Sigh. So, Spence looks up at me with his big, hazel eyes, trying hard not to cry, and says, "Mommy! Why did you run over my bike?" Gulp again.

Mother-of-the-Year, that's me. Not! Luckily, these boys have yet to figure out how much they could milk my "Mommy Guilt" today. I'd be putty in their grubby little hands...



  1. Oh Beth, you poor thing! (Seriously, did I just utter that 1950s phrase?! But this seems like such a "you poor, poor dear" moment!) How are Foster's fingers?
    Fortunately the bike is replaceable.

    And don't worry, you're an awesome mom!

  2. oh, dear. well, wash your hands of it. tomorrow will be a better day. as long as Foster's fingers remain attached to his hand, that is. And rest assured, Spencer will get over the bike. Someday...

    Just kidding! We've all been there! In fact I think I'm up for the award!

  3. Oh, I feel for you. The guilt! Big hugs

  4. Speaking of awards, saunter over to my blog. There's one waiting for ya...

  5. Thanks for the love, ladies. Foster's fingers are OK, and I will be buying Spencer a brand new (not a garage-sale) bike this weekend, as a way to assuage my guilt!